This Windows software program sits on your desktop and shows you the strength or weakness of 8 world currencies.

It uses the free DDE feed that all versions of MT4 have.This means you can use any of dozens of the top forex brokers in the industry! 

currency strength meter


This is an amazing software program. It has a variety of features like alarms, timing, colors and even the ability to store and use currency strength data in excel or third party apps.

It works for all versions of Windows. Some clever people can get it working in Linux and MacPro emulators. You could try it and your money is returned if it doesn't work.


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seven day money back period

If this software fails to install on your windows system, just send a note to us and we will refund your purchase. If you didn't notice it was only for Windows operating systems, that is fine too. FX4Caster is a tool. It isn't going to magically send signals, but it will give you a glimpse into the foreign exchange market that you don't have using standard paircharts.

Many clients use the strength chart as an integral part of their trading system by building trading systems around the readings from the currency strength chart display . The wide array of uses this can be put to is limited only by your imagination. There is a "basic idea of a framework" written a few years back for a forex trading system based on strength meters and I include a few movies and links to the resources on Youtube.

WORKS for all versions of windows and MacPro emulators that can run MT4 with DDE.

MUST Have an MT4 platform with one of the established brokers like Oanda, fxcm, FXPro and others in order to use. Only the DDE in the MetaTrader 4 platform has it. ( Not MT5!) Links inside.
Only MT4 has the DDE availability.